Grafting & Technology Srl born in 2004 thanks to cooperation between expert companies in agriculture, nursery, industrial and plastic moulding fields. Since the early 90s the company produces innovative and high-performance products for the grafting of plants, developing new technologies and advanced tools.

After years of studies and rigorous test, Grafting & Technology begins to propose its products to the market, establishing itself among the first leading companies in the design, production and marketing of colored disposable and new drawing clips. During these years market has changed considerably and the company has been able to keep up with the times, adapting to the growing demand of grafting clips and taking decisive part in the innovations, always looking to improving and simplifying greenhouse cultivation, increasing the well-being of the plants to obtain the most customer’s satisfaction.

From the beginning, the most important thing for Grafting & Technology is to give an efficient help to those who work every day to improve the quality of their products.

Today, thanks to a well-organized corporate structure and the direct management of all production phases, Grafting & Technology is able to quickly meet small and large orders, becomes excellence supplier of the bigger national and word company in the sector.