We have a wide range of accessories to offer our customers a complete service. Such as:

Clip ring and superclips: necessary to support the plant in a stable way together with the stick.

Blade holder: we provide the customer with a convenient accessory to insert the blade necessary for the cutting of plants..

Tomato clips: ideal to support and hook the plant flush in the greenhouse during growth and cultivation.

Support for tomato bunch: it has to be inserted in the folds of the tomato cluster to allow the sap to flow smoothly throughout the plant and avoid possible necrosis in the most sensitive areas.

Stick: it guarantees the right support and posture of the seedling grafted during the growing period. Depending on the type of plant, we have sizes 11cm and 15cm. A seconda del tipo di pianta, abbiamo a disposizione misure da 11cm a 15cm.

Hot blade-cimatore a caldo: accessory designed and manufactured by us to facilitate and optimize the plant topping process. The particular support connected to the flame outlet tube allows you to use our appliance even on a low flame, so as to optimize the autonomy of the tank (approx. 15/30 minutes). The blade is also designed to maintain a constant temperature always above 130 °, thus ensuring immediate disinfection and faster healing of the cut.

Lids for sowing and cuttings: we make thermoformed lids for plastic and / or polystyrene containers, able to guarantee an ideal “greenhouse” effect both for sowing and for rooting the cutting.